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About Frogg Recruitment

Our Recruitment Services are outlined and focused on assisting our clients with permanent and contract placements. About us, We function in the manner of a conventional hiring process. Traditional recruitment means you pay when the candidate starts. We can assist with recruitment nationally.

You may ask, why FROGG Recruitment?
Our exceptional boutique recruitment service since 2010 makes us stand out. Our business mantra has been that we are “Providers of professional recruitment services, with the power to find exceptional talent”.

FROGG Recruitment is a professional recruitment agency in their field of expertise that serves various sectors and industries. We have 50 years of combined recruitment experience among our professional employment consultants. As bespoke recruiters, professionalism always wins. 

What makes us different?

Our size is our strength. We’re small enough to care but big enough to make an impact. Our success is our people, customer service, and our teamwork. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our most important assets, our people through recognition and rewards. We take care of them so that they can take care of you. Are you looking for a reputable recruitment agency? you can trust us!

about frogg recruitment

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion
Recruitment is as much about understanding your company’s values as it is about finding someone with the right skills and experience. That’s why we’ll meet with you face to face, or via video call, to establish your hiring needs and overall expectations. We take our commitment to offering professional recruitment services seriously, regularly publishing and sharing insights about how employers can improve their recruitment strategies. 

Our guaranteed promise
We bring a fiercely distinctive approach to hiring staff. Our brand is synonymous with excellence, integrity, dedication, and gravitas as we aim to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We promise to always be there for you no matter what, our clients are our priority.

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Our Recruitment Options:

To find you the best people, we go above and beyond.

Our ability to connect to millions of jobseeker professionals allows us to minimise your concerns in finding permanent talent. We are providers of professional recruitment services with the power to find talent. We do recruitment in various industries and sectors nationally. Seen as one of the most reputable recruitment agencies, we offer exceptional recruitment services. 

Our professional recruitment team can help you to effectively recruit entry-level positions through to senior leadership roles on a permanent or fixed-term contract basis. Find out how our specialist recruiters can help you achieve your talent acquisition goals, now and in the future.

Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment specialists approach your hiring in a collaborative manner, saving you time.
We have the expertise to determine precisely what your company wants to accomplish. We alleviate your worry about permanent hiring thanks to our capacity to reach millions of professionals.
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Contract Recruitment

Our contract recruitment experts approach your hiring in a collaborative way, taking the time to understand your business goals.
Our ability to contact millions of jobseeker professionals allows us to minimize your concerns regarding contract employment.
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Executive Search

Searching for exceptional leaders are critical in any successful/growing business, and finding them can be a daunting task.
We will do an executive search according to your requirements and expectations. We are providers of professional recruitment services with the power to find talent.
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Traditional Recruitment

Traditional recruitment involves hiring a staffing firm to identify candidates for entry-level and executive positions.
Traditional recruitment service means you pay when the candidate starts. We offer exceptional after-service, meaning we continue to grow and build client relationships.
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Looking to hire top talent?

These are just a few of our client's reviews of our excellent service. We strive to supply the best recruitment service in our field of expertise

nikiwe tsipa
Today is my first day at work thanks to Quinton Wright. He did a great job in preparing me for the interview, which went well to the extent that I got the job. He also did a great job with the follow up and being a mediator between me and the company. He also constantly checked in until my starting day.
Kim Topley
Great service, client's best interest is their number 1 priority will definitely recommend anyone seeking employment to contact Quinton 😁
Janene Hartney
Thank you to Ryno for going the extra mile by keeping me informed and making time throughout the process. My experience with Frogg Recruitment has been nothing but Super Amazing and Professional! It is still unbelievable that I landed my new venture in a space of a week! And very excited to start my new chapter.
Ryan Visser
I dealt with a number of recruiters when moving to Cape Town, and didn’t realise how bad they all were until now. Quinton was excellent and demonstrates the value of a good recruiter.
Naeema Adams
You guys at FROGG are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for great service and professionalism.
Excellent, Passionate about their candidates, goes an extra mile in ensuring you land that dream job. Very helpful. Special thanks to Ryno. You've been awesome
Johan Van Eeden
Thank you Ryno for your excellent and professional service. You assisted me in a record time. I can really recommend Frogg Recruitment!